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Movi Rentals - In House Movi Pro & Movi XL Rentals | Vancouver, BC

For All of Your Movi Rental Needs:


We have a bunch of in-house Movi PRO & Movi XL gimbals that we use handheld, shock mounted & on drones. We love the Movi PRO so much that we have more than most rental houses do (10 to be exact).



They can be used handheld, on drones bottom or top mounted, rigged to vehicles, decelerators rigs, over & under slug, used with Easy Rigs, attached to shock-mounts, inside tight spaces like cars, even to get those illusive “oners”… the possibilities are endless.



We have two Movi XL’s for rental. The Movi XL’s design delivers the familiar benefits of the MōVI Pro stabilization systems but now can handle cameras such as the Phantom Flex 4K and the Alexa 65.


Specialized equipment that compliments the above: like shock mounts from 15lbs to 72lbs payloads, coil-damps for additional vibration isolation, VFX arrays for 3 camera panoramic plate shots or 3D stereoscopic cinematography.  But none of the heads above help if you get rain on the lens, so we offer two types of rain-spinners… one specifically made for flying our drones or handheld, the other is the Filmotechnic Zero Rain Deflector for heavier camera packages.

Freefly Movi

• Mounting: Anything
• Stabilization: Digital 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized
• Payload Capacity: Camera weight 15lbs
• Weight: 5lbs
• Operating Speed: Up to 60mph

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